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The Finca

Finca and Country Hotel on Mallorca

In a quiet corner on the south coast of the island, and far away from the tourist center lies the rural hotel La Verana. The original building dates from the XVII century and has been tastefully restored, conserving its original character.

La Verana is surrounded by pine forests and has nearly 3 hectares, in which we find vegetation typical to the island; namely almonds, carobs and figs etc. The gardens that surround the building and the swimming pool are purely Mediterranean and offer space to enjoy your holiday.

La Verana is auto-sufficient by producing electricity and hot water using photo-voltaic and solar panels. We respect nature and give a great deal of importance to the environment. We grow fruits and vegetables in our vegetable gardens for our guests. Enjoy tasting our homemade marmalade and chutneys. The kitchen offer, o our guests request Mediterranean and Asian cuisine to delight your taste buds.

La Verana is designed for your rest and tranquility. Neither the noise of planes nor cars will break the spell. Enjoy the silence and listen to the birdsong and buzzing of honey bees.

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